Group tour: 79€/person every Thursday afternoon

Private tour: from 360€/group from 2 to 4 people, 30€/extra person

Half day 

On Thursday from 2pm to 6pm

Departure Place Bellecour, Lyon

Local products tasting

Producers encounters

Beer and pear brandy !

Come along with us to discover two other beverages, just as interesting and famous as the wine of our region. The beer of the Pilat represents the terroir. It is a craft beer brewed according to the old tradition.

By tasting it, you will have the impression of savouring the terroir, the soil and the spirit of our land. All the ingredients are local and organic, made with the spring water of the Pilat Natural Park. After a tour of the beer factory you will taste craft and seasonal beers.

 Afterwards you will taste something a little bit stronger, the pear brandy. This is a real regional speciality if you consider that the French pear brandy was born here in the 1930s.

The regional soil and climate is really favourable to cultivate Williams pear. You will learn about its history, you will feel the passion throughout the visit of the estate and of course you will taste this exceptional drink!