We invite you to discover a unique area, in the Northern Rhône Valley, a place where the gastronomy and the artcraft are well reputated.

The women and men of this area live with respect towards this land which they transform but never cheat for us to gain pleasure out of.

We propose you to join us and discover these shapers of nature who enjoy sharing their passions and stories of their region.


You will discover the fabulous wines of the northern Rhone valley and another local speciality, which is worth seeking out for those into food & wine pairing : the Rigotte de Condrieu, a goat cheese with a subtle and fragrant taste !

Viognier and Syrah jam, surprising and so good ! Let’s discover an other use of these two famous grape varieties of our region and also unexpected flavours pairing. Let yourself be tempted by this tour, you won’t regret it!

This tour will give you an in-depth experience with our terroir, right into the beating heart of our rich terroir, you’ll be able to touch it, smell it, taste it. Many senses will be awoken when you meet a potter, a cheesemaker and a winemaker.