French terroir and country side tour

4h or 8h 

360€ half day

680€ full day for a private tour from 2 to 4 persons, 30€/extra person

Pick-up at your location

French terroir products tastings

Meet the locals

Discover the Rhône Valley terroir

Morning : You will meet up with a real passionate potter to discover his hand-crafted world. You will have the opportunity to see how he works, how he manipulates and turns the clay into homeware products and pieces of art, like a magician.

Afterwards, you will take the road to The Pilat Regional Park. Here, you will get to know a goat-cheese making family and thanks to a tour of the farm, you will understand where and how the goats live and of course you will savour their succulent Rigotte of Condrieu, a little cheese of subtle perfumes and the only AOP cheese in the park area.       

Lunch: free

Afternoon: You will then go to a characteristic wine estate, where you will have the privilege to meet and exchange a few words with the winemaker. He will tell you about the art of winemaking and his close contact with nature and the grapevine.

A wine tasting of the various Appellations of the Northern Rhône will reveal to you the importance of all the terroir features in our region. You will notice how two wines from the same grape variety, grown in different soils, may have such as opposed aromas.