We propose ‘local secret’ discovery tours into our region from Lyon to the northern part of the Rhône valley. Our back roads tours will guide you to share a moment with wine makers, artisans and farmers. You’ll be able to see their work and taste their lovely products, wine, cheese, bread … 

 So come along with us and be part of our quest in supporting the people of the local economy who pay respect to cultural tradition and the natural environment. We provide individual tours organization for small group and private group with transportation.

Our graduate guides are also professional drivers certified by the Department of Culture and Transportation. They will drive you with a high-end service.


I’m in love with this beautiful region. I want to share my knowledge of this land and the fascinating people who make it so interesting.

I became a tour guide as I wanted to combine my different passions such as social and cultural interactions, foreign languages and the beautiful French heritage

The respect of the environment is very important for me, I try to work with producers in biodynamic and sustainable agriculture.

All our tours are based on encounters with locals, for me that’s the best memory a visitor can have upon returning back home !


The fate chose that I had to settle down in this superb and authentic region, rich in breathtaking landscapes and above all of people respectful of its beauty and able to make it breathe by highlighting it.

We are in perpetual quest of small pearls, singular and intimate places, winemakers, craftsmen and local farmers, still little known for the majority of them. They like sharing their know-how and their passion with a lot of authenticity and modesty.

I enrich myself each time and fill my heart with joy! For this reason, I love my job as a tour guide and as a driver-guide VTC!

Choose an excursion with us and you will live a genuine and human experience!


Hi, I began as an assistant cycling guide in 2014 for AMA Waterways . Since then I have ridden with river boat tourists from all around the world and have experienced with them how agreeable it is to pedal along the Rhone river near the town of Vienne and at the foothills of the Côte Rôtie and Condrieu wines

I was born in Australia but having a wife from Vienne I have lived here since 1996 which has given me plenty of time to discover the countryside treasures of Le Pilat Regional park by bike and from which I get pleasure out of showing to others visiting our area.

Join me for a ride !


Hello, l’m Véronique. Born in Vienne, Isère, I have been guiding since 2006 in this area and around Lyon. I love my job and I will be pleased to share local stories and legends with you.

I wish as well to take you to off the beaten track places such as the regional park of the Pilat. Here, farmers, wine producers and hand craftsmen will take time to tell you about their passionate activities.

My area is wonderful and I am looking forward to welcoming you to share its interesting and gourmet treasures.