We also propose city tours based on the values that mean a lot to us, face to face encounters, the sharing of our environment all the while owing it the respect it deserves.

Lyon, former capital of the Gaules, world heritage listed by UNESCO will reveal to you its numerous faces and secrets. On foot or in the comfort of a private van join us to learn about the history of Lyon, the city of lights.

You will be a real Lyonnais after this tour ! You will know everything about the culture and of course the gastronomy of the food capital of France !

A roman city that gave its name to the wine of this region in the roman times, it is a “must-see”! Vitis Vienna was one of the best wine of the Roman Empire and the city of Vienne had the second commercial harbour after Ostie. Come and live this history and taste this wine still exceptional today! 

A charming little town on the top of a hill with tiny and cobbled streets. We offer you a travel at knights and troubadour time. Come and take a stroll, relax yourself and be amazed in this most beautiful village in France.