The nothern part the of cotes du rhone


Condrieu, Côte-Rôtie, Saint-Joseph, Hermitage, these wines hide a story or two, stories of their terroir and reveal the personality of their creators.

We’ll take you to meet small independant winemakers to share a moment of their day. You’ll discover wines that resemble them, the terroir, the grape varieties but also the hands of the men and women which make its unique.

You will discover the fabulous white and red wines of the northern Rhone valley made with the fruity Viognier and the peppery Syrah grape varieties.

The northern part of the Rhone valley is reputed for its exceptional wines, several of them being classed amongst the finest in France.

On this intimate tour we will give both winemaker and you, the opportunity to meet up and share a few words about terroir.

How did vineyards sow their seeds in our region ? What was the nectar Vitis Allobrogica ?

We will take you along the footsteps of Romans on our visit of the archeological Museum of Saint-Romain en Gal-Vienne along with meeting a winemaker who is experimenting with roman wine styles of days gone by.

At the extreme south of the northern Rhône you will find the burned soil of Cornas vineyard. Indeed, shaped like a roman theater, facing south, the Syrah grape can fully express itself on these steep hillsides and then in our glass. To balance your palate, you just have to visit the vineyard next door and taste a Saint Péray with delicate flowers and white peach aromas.

It is not just wine in our region! We also produce very good beer and wonderful Williams pear brandy. By the way, do you know that Williams pear brandy was created here, in our beautiful region? So now, you just have to reserve this tour to taste it! 

Let’s go to the north of Lyon to discover a very nice wine region with small hills and a light, fruity and gourmet wine with character. The 10 Crus follow and touch each other but none is the same, each one has its specificity and unique taste. Come and taste them, they will surprise you!